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Welcome, thanks for stopping by the Taner Remzi website. Hope you can explore and discover something that resonates, and follow some of Taner’s links.

Taner Remzi is a truly unique, authentic artist who has stayed true to himself through decades playing, writing and recording in the music industry.

Whilst continuing to grow and master his skills through study and his own ethical high standard, Taner is at his peak of creativity.

Having started at a younger age predominantly on the guitar as a player and songwriter, Taner has now successfully branched out to hone his piano playing ability.

Having the experience of playing with rock bands as well as duos, and ranging across many genres, Taner has developed a wide diversity as a musician. Perhaps his European Turkish background plays a part.

With an array of fresh releases on streaming services and many more pending, Taner will not relinquish until he finally finds the recognition he deserves. By following in some way, you can be a part of it.

Here you will find links leading to what he has created lately that displays his determination and commitment, despite a harsh music landscape. His skills are quite apparent both as a musician and a dexterous visual artist.

As well as all this, Taner still maintains his sense of humour as an entertainer.

There are a lot of reasons to like and explore what this artist has to offer, and his warm and kind nature will appreciate it.

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